[album] ∞ Unity – All Is One

∞ Unity

You may remember Helsinki-based musician Nikita Pavlov for the dreamy guitar riffs of his jangle pop band White Wishes, but now he is back with a new electronic project called ∞ Unity.

Listen the debut record below, which was released alongside with the following statement:

«about 3 years ago i had a rapid awakening experience. i’ve been taking time off from as many activities as i could to look inward and rebalance myself, eradicating every limiting belief i could find. i’ve felt the desire to share my realisations, but didn’t want to provide distorted information, therefore i kept quiet and focusing inward until the great deal of distortion was gone. now it’s time to share, this is my new record. thank you Rasmus, Ernest and others for helping me to get it out. every share gets +100 to karma and my gratitude. more to come »