[album] Joshua Cobos – Songs from Little Armenia

Joshua Cobos

Joshua Cobos is an American singer-songwriter with a heavy DIY and experimental approach to making music. His psychedelic songs are very pleasant in a special lo-fi kind of way and are leaving a great lasting aftertaste.

Here is how he describes the recording process and what lies behind his music:

«I make 99% of my music at home on my 4 track tape recorder, I use a lot of different guitars and analog effects in my productions and sometimes they take awhile, sometimes they’re done in two hours. I always put love first and make sure that my music has an optimistic outlook even if the subject matter is sometimes dark. Even still, I know that optimism isn’t enough and that it takes actual work to inspire growth and change in the world».

Songs from Little Armenia, Joshua’s new record, releases April 20. You can stream the preview below and pre-order it here.