[song] Best Picture – Radio Sick (feat. Deem Spencer)


Back in October last year Best Picture released “LA Noir”, an impressive collaboration with Trevor Crown that ended to be one of our favorite songs during that time.

Last Friday, the production duo have returned with two new tunes, one of which, “Radio Sick”, features Queens, NY-based rapper/singer Deem Spencer. It’s an addictive track with beautiful production and a hazy vibe that’s very easy to relax to.

Stream the song below, which was released along with the following note from the band, and don’t forget to check out the second single “Kite”, featuring Mag, here.

«Our collaboration with Queens artist Deem Spencer “Radio Sick” is, well, a mood. Calling it ‘chill’ wouldn’t be wrong either, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s buoyant but wary; it’s got a calm focus, but strives above hypnotized detachment; it’s the audio equivalent of the point where you find a groove within your preoccupied stream of consciousness.

These moods are distilled and defined by Deem, who shows off his uncanny gift to articulate the least articulable states of mind in his verses here. We’ve been wanting to put something out with Deem for a while and it was awesome to hear this one back». – Best Picture