[song] CGI dog – Wish 2

CGI dog (Green)

LA-based artist Chris Cubbi has shared his debut song under the moniker CGI dog last month and now he is following it up with the new single “Wish 2” — an intense, experimental and loud pop/rock tune which captures the listener right from the very beginning and doesn’t leave a single moment to catch a breath.

Stream the song below, which was released along with the following note from Chris, and don’t forget to revisit his first single “Kitchen” here.

«This song has survived a number of setbacks, both stemming from human error and technical failure. It was frustrating trying to keep it alive at times. I won’t speak too much about the content of the song past this other than it’s an honest look at someone else’s addiction, one that inspires you to look at your own use and future. What interests me more is the song’s construction. I had a great time playing with the ideas of foreground and background. There’s a layer of noise in the background that plays more than a supporting role, both sonically and contextually». – CGI dog