[album] Radula – Lovechild


Swedish-based trio Radula have released their grand debut album Lovechild last week on the Gothenburg label PACAYA Records.

There’s something truly special about this record, which is described as “containing nine tracks about taking social responsibility, to know all the animals in the forest, idiots that erases your history, and what it’s like being a horse in a human’s body”.

If the above didn’t convince you to go and listen to it in its entirety right now, you should try and start from “Questionnaire”, a song that is indeed built as a questionnaire, and that is dealing with such important issues as mental health and depression in the unique, catchy and playful format.

The whole thing is inspired by riot grrrl, melodic punk, westcoast surf and is full of hooks, subtle post-punk bliss mixed with indie pop, and put together with love and unbreakable DIY spirit.

Listen below and buy the record directly from the band.