[song] John War – Honnold

John War     John War circa 2017. Photo by Sydney Easton

We are happy to report that John War has returned with the new single “Honnold”, an indie rock song influenced by hip-hop, left-field pop and 2000s rock. This unusual combination works amazingly and leaves great lasting aftertaste.

The track was inspired by Alex Honnold, a rock climber famous for climbing without ropes and here is what John has to say about it:

«I wrote ‘Honnold’ after watching a documentary about Alex Honnold, a rock climber who climbs skyscraper-tall cliffs without ropes. He knows that what he does is ridiculously dangerous, but isn’t afraid; even after losing many peers to doing the same thing, he feels like he has to keep doing it.

Watching videos of Alex scares the bejeezus out of me, but I can relate to his passion: to live so completely in service to what you do that you accept it might take you to your grave.

These days, with what’s going on with the news, another side of the meaning in ‘Honnold’ has come to be even more important to me—it’s a song about willpower. It’s about carrying on in the face of extreme, very rational doubt; about finding resilience; about holding on because you just have to. There’s a kind of duty in there». – John War

Stream it below. Fantasy, John’s highly-anticipated debut solo album is expected to be released this summer.