[video] Paper Birch – Summer Daze


Paper Birch is the new project by musicians Fergus Lawrie (Urusei Yatsura) and Dee Sada (NEUMES/An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump).

Although the pair have never met in person, they spent a couple of last months under lockdown creating a record completely remotely. Shared passion for music and many excellent ideas made a great connection, which gave birth to the new band, a medium for the duo to share their mutual feelings of despair, fragility and hope that are presented for listeners in the form of their debut album, MORNINGHAIRWATER, that is out August 5.

“Summer Daze” is a single from the record, a noisy and loud number, which is reflecting the feelings of isolation and loneliness during the quarantine and summer months. A true jewel of modern and underground psychedelic pop, it goes together with the music video, which was shot on 16mm by Scottish filmmaker Grant McPhe.

Watch it below and buy the album via TAKUROKU, the new digital label from underground arts venue in London, Cafe OTO.