[album] EXEK – Good Thing They Ripped Up The Carpet

Australians EXEK remain consistently great, recording one fantastic album after another since their formation in 2014. The latest one, Good Thing They Ripped Up The Carpet, which was released yesterday through Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club, is not an exception.

The group’s sound can probably be described as post-punk, but there is nothing trivial or conventional about this LP to be able to categorize it. All kinds of unique stuff is packed all over the record. You will hear the elements of dub, hints of krautrock, ambient and even field recordings. Some songs can feel a bit atonal but others are very melodic and coloured with beautiful light noise, connecting the dots and making the album one organic whole.

One more interesting fact is that, as described by the band, first half of the material is new and was written and recorded in 2020, while side B is a compilation of tracks that have been used to contribute to other people’s releases. Hence here we can hear the different points of the group’s career in one weird, exciting and complex collection that becomes more and more interesting with every listen.

Stream below and purchase the album on Bandcamp.