[album] Philip Frobos – Vague Enough to Satisfy

Vague Enough to Satisfy by Omni’s Philip Frobos is an interesting and one-of-a-kind record. It is described as a “lounge-inspired punk album”, and also it is a soundtrack to his novel of the same name.

Musically it sounds a bit less sharp than the music of his main band, but still, it is not that far from the post-punk that we love so much.

The general atmosphere is quite laidback and comforting, and an album has that otherworldly feel — without context or any information it would be impossible to pin down when it could be released. It sounds very cool as it is, but with the book, the experience should be even better (cannot wait to read it).

Check it out below and buy both products here, available now through Upset The Rhythm and Hex Enduction Books.