[song] Cheekface – Featured Singer

In January Los Angeles-based trio Cheekface released their excellent album Emphatically No. Later we got some extra b-sides and even some more tracks. Now it is holiday time and we are getting another new one!

Titled “Featured Singer”, it is a true indie rock earworm from the band, and it also comes with a fun backstory. Talking about the song band member Greg Katz said:

«One day, mid-pandemic, I was thinking about how hard it is for a band to reach people, especially in the middle of the pandemic, and my daydreaming led me to thinking about how much easier it would be if I just did an uncredited featured vocal on an EDM song by a famous DJ, and that song became super famous without me having to do anything other than sing into a microphone. Like, I could be that faceless voice! I wouldn’t even have to do anything! I started laughing at myself for this stupid wish, and writing a little poem about it. A few days later, Mandy sent me this nasty bass-line over email and I just started reciting the poem over it. And so there was this song, about warehouse raves and frat parties, written via email, made at a time when there were no warehouse raves or frat parties».

Listen below and purchase the tune here.