[album] Spector – Now or Whenever

On their debut Spector were longing about never letting Friday night end, on Moth Boys they encouraged to stay high (because tomorrow is a lie). And here we are in 2022 — the Saturday comes eventually with a quiet ambient and instrumental piece, after which the duo goes full in with the bombastic and brilliant single “Catch You On The Way Back In”. They follow it up with 8 more great songs, before closing the LP with their best song to date, an anthemic 6-minute triumph, which “An American Warehouse in London” is.

Now or Whenever is not their best record, but only because it is hard to determine which of them is actually the best. It does not feature the acute maximalism (in a positive way) of Enjoy It While It Lasts, does not have the cinematic melancholy of Moth Boys and it is less varied, more cohesive and structured than recent EPs (combined together as Non-Fiction compilation). It is also much more guitar-driven, well-balanced, and truly feels like a mature version of the band that made such a loud entrance on the scene more than 10 years ago now.

Spector probably won’t get too many new listeners with this album. But one thing is for sure, it is another little masterpiece and all the existing fans would be here for what it has to offer, be it the group’s classic charm, Jed Cullen’s brilliant melodies and guitar work, or Fred Macpherson’s distinctive vocals & sweet, funny and one-of-a-kind lyricism.

Stream below and buy the LP & some more awesome merch here.