[album] Trupa Trupa – B Flat A

Trupa Trupa is an independent band from Poland, and on their fantastic new album B Flat A they present their own, individualistic take on inventive art rock music.

There is a lot to unpack on the album — four musicians masterfully blend different genres and elements, refusing to stay in one form. Some songs have components of math rock, dark folk, gothy post-punk, and at the same time some lighter, psychedelic/art pop moments can be found on it as well. B Flat A reminds a bit of Schlagenheim, the debut LP by black midi, but is darker, more balanced, and less chaotic.

Very important is also the attention that is paid to the foundation of the lyrics about an inconvenient history and real present times. As Grzegorz Kwiatkowski of the band mentioned, the album is about “the wasteland of human nature where hatred and genocide are not just distant reverberations of Central European history but still resonate in contemporary reality”.

Stream below and purchase the LP here.