[song] Hania Rani – Kyiv

More than a month ago Russia brutally attacked Ukraine and during all this time the whole world is witnessing the power and strong unity of the Ukrainian nation, who are fighting for their land and freedom every single day. All our support goes to these amazing people, and many artists & musicians are releasing special songs to raise money and help them.

Today Hania Rani, pianist, composer and musician from Poland, shares the beautiful new composition titled “Kyiv”, with the following statement:

«I have never been to Kyiv but from now on I have it in my heart. On the 24th of February Russia invaded the free country Ukraine, which shares a border with my home country Poland.

For the first time, I felt that war is really happening close to everything that I know. An unfair, unreasonable war against innocent people – women, children, elderly people.
Against any reason. As it is usually with any wars.

I heard from many people right now that they find a bit of peace in action. That the way to face this overwhelming helplessness is to transfer it into something good — help, empathy and hope.

The only language that I can consider as my own is the language of music. I found this composition under my fingers during one of the evenings of early March and thought it was an important thing to do- to share it with you today as my comment on the current shape of the world. This is a sound of grief and void. Memory to all who lost their dreams and plans because of absurd violence.
But also a silent song of hope.

My label, Gondwana Records has as always supported me in the best way, giving the green light and agreeing to donate all the income from the release to Ukraine. Duncan Bellamy from Portico Quartet contributed by designing the artwork based on photos taken by a friend and film director Neels Castillon last year in Kyiv. 

Music score of this composition which will be ready to download as a pdf file once you buy the track on Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Let’s make this amount massive».

Listen below and buy the track on Bandcamp. Consider also donating to the Ukrainian army here.