[album] BODEGA – Xtra Equipment

Any new song from Brooklyn art punk group BODEGA is always an event for us, so we were pleasantly surprised to find a fresh Xtra Equipment EP this morning.

BODEGA live in Milan’22

This additional release includes B-sides and bonus tracks recorded throughout 2020-2021 along with the rest of the songs that made it to their amazing latest album Broken Equipment, a masterful collection of creative, propulsive and unstoppable numbers.

BODEGA is also an exceptional live band, and starting from today they have returned on the road again, with many shows already scheduled in the USA and in the UK later this year.

Make sure to catch them live if you have a chance, because every concert is super dynamic, completely unique, shapeshifting and always featuring hits, rarities and tons of surprises. Also, an average length of the set is approximately 80-100 minutes. Find more information about the dates and tickets here.

Listen to Xtra Equipment below and purchase it on Bandcamp.