[album] Marci – Marci

Marta Cikojevic of Montreal soft-rock group TOPS has released her debut self-titled album as Marci, a half an hour of pop perfection ideal for these late Summer days.

Together with TOPS bandmate David Carriere (also of DVC Refreshments), who helped to make this record, they created the essential collection of brilliant synth pop. There are no fillers here, all songs are great and unique, full of great hooks and the exceptional charm of Cikojevic herself.

Along with Carriere and Cikojevic, the release also features Mitch Davis, Rene Wilson, and Austin Tufts (Braids) on drums, and Chloé Soldevila (Anemone), Adam Byczkowski (Better Person), and Jane Penny (TOPS) on backing vocals.

Stream below and purchase the LP on Bandcamp.