[video] WOOZE – Huge Axeman

Today sees the release of The Magnificent Eleven, a new EP by the British/Korean duo WOOZE. It is out via Young Poet.

WOOZE live at Pohoda 2022

With 4 tracks, clocking in at just 12 minutes, the album is an unstoppable collection of hits, shaping between avant-garde pop and eccentric psychedelic grooves. An ideal mini-album to get immersed in during the last hot days of the year.

The last track from it, “Huge Axeman”, got a truly amazing animated video. It was hand-drawn frame-by-frame over a period of months by Jamie She from the band. The hilarious visuals take inspiration from 80s cartoons such as He-Man.

Watch it below and buy the release (also on vinyl) here.