[album] Blood Wizard – Imaginary House

The new EP from Blood Wizard is truly fantastic. Cai Burns, an artist behind the moniker, enlarges the scope of his sound, boosting it with avant-garde elements and keeping the essence of his ability to build stories within every song.

The mini-album is equally innovative and accessible, it floats neatly and never gets boring. The artist managed to do the truly impossible thing — components of psychedelic pop, post-punk, folk and indie rock are very organically combined here. And at the same time, all the songs are seasoned and decorated with a layer of art pop elements, one-of-a-kind storytelling and successful experiments.

Add to this all also an original stage image, creative visual elements (check out the music videos for “The Slip” and “Imaginary House”) and we get one of the coolest musical projects of our time.

Check it out below and buy the EP here.