[song] Albertine Sarges – Deep Well (feat. Kat Frankie)

With her new EP Family of Things arriving on November 25 via Moshi Moshi Records, Berlin-based artist Albertine Sarges is giving us the first taster of what to expect — a beautiful, cosmic and soulful new single “Deep Well”, which features singer Kat Frankie.

Elaborating on the track, Albertine says: “This is the slowest and also the longest song I ever put out. I guess the message is: radical deceleration and contemplation. The lyrics are about meditation. The zen concept of emptiness refers to how we perceive things around us: The goal is to have a clear view: Nothing added, nothing taken away from the raw data of physical events around you. But emptiness is like a snake, you have to make sure to pick it up from the right side, or else it might bite you = You might lose yourself in ignorance and inner stiffness”.

Stream below and pre-order the record here.