[album] The Haunted Youth – Dawn Of The Freak

The Haunted Youth, a project of 29-year-old Joachim Liebens, just released a debut LP titled Dawn Of The Freak, and it is truly brilliant. The record is full of dreamy hooks, hazy vocals and great instrumentation work that will get you hooked from the very first song.

It possesses (in addition to obvious 80s and 90s references) that inimitable feel of blog-era indie rock/dream pop music of the late 00s and early 10s which we have much less nowadays so it is definitely a welcome addition. Blissed-out, moody and very personal, the album gets stuck in your head immediately and begs for repeated listens.

What is also quite important, the new songs are very cool as well and they are not overshadowed by the fantastic early singles (like “Teen Rebel”, “Gone” and masterful “Coming Home”), so the album feels really complete and well-balanced.

Check it out below and buy the LP here.