[video] Humour – jeans

Today sees the release of pure misery, a debut EP by Glaswegian five-piece band Humour. It is out via So Young Records.

With 6 tracks, clocking in at 20 minutes, it is an unstoppable collection of hard-hitting numbers, shaping between contemporary post-punk and loud, chaotic noise rock. An ideal mini-album to get immersed in and reflect on another tough year, with not much brightness ahead of us.

The latest single from it, “jeans”, got a powerful and striking music video, created by Luke Ainger, Fred Qvortrup and Cat Williams.

The group shared the following about the song: “Jeans is about a character who is internally trying to build himself up and convince himself that he’s a successful and confident no-nonsense man. But he periodically has lapses in this forced self-assuredness and realises that he is not any of those things and is in fact quite a sad, pathetic and laughable character. Much like myself”.

Watch it below and purchase the EP here.