[song] Wheatness – The Future

“The Future” is a new single by Odesa-based musician Dmytro Vaskovets (who performs under the moniker Wheatness), and it showcases the skilled, passionate and fully-formed artist with a clear vision. The driving force behind the release, in author’s words, was an unstoppable reflection on the events of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

It is a beautiful and fine-crafted collection of three songs, which shows that during his time in other bands (such as Night Dew Call), the artist was formulating his own sound and stumbled upon a fresh and exciting take on it — Wheatness’s melancholy-tinged shoegaze melodies are ambitious, big and loud. With no fillers and messing around, it’s an energetic, punchy and pure roar of independent music.

All tracks on the release were written, recorded, performed, and mixed by Dmytro himself. The single is out via Liky Pid Nohamy, a brand new record label from Ukraine, which recently unveiled its debut compilation VA. NOTATOK 1 (that also features Wheatness) and the debut LP by another Odesa artist Volodymyr Chyhrynets’.

Stream below and purchase the single on Bandcamp.