[song] SLUG – Instant Reaction

Sunderland-based artist Ian Black aka SLUG is sharing his brand new single “Instant Reaction”, which serves as the latest taster of his forthcoming LP Thy Socialite! It follows the previously released tracks “Casual Cruelty” and “Cut of Your Jib” and proves to be a truly instant hit — big, fun and masterfully arranged.

Speaking of it, Ian says: “Lyrically, “Instant Reaction” is a call against laziness and inaction. The World is not your mam and dad, it doesn’t pick you up and wipe your nose. It doesn’t care. Things don’t happen instantly because you ‘want’ it to or because it ‘should’. Thanks for listening to my motivational speech”.

The record would also be the first release on the Brewis brothers’ (Field Music) label Daylight Saving Records and will be available on LP, CD and limited edition Dinked version (signed print, hand numbered and on brain surgery red vinyl).

Listen below and pre-order the album here.