[song] David Brewis – Surface Noise

Having already shared singles “Start Over” and “The Last Day”, David Brewis gives us another taster of his upcoming album with the jazzy avant-folk number “Surface Noise”. It follows the all-acoustic direction of his latest songs and sounds fresh and new yet unmistakably his.

He says the following about the track: “I read Surface Noise as a kind of tour around the east end of Sunderland, feeling dejected and windswept. The Astral Weeks influence is fairly explicit on this track, albeit tempered with a denser string arrangement and all played on top of a swung 6/8 rhythm which I probably first heard on John Coltrane’s version of My Favourite Things”.

The Soft Struggles is set for release on February 24 and would be out on the new record label run by David and his brother Peter (who perform also as Field Music), Daylight Saving Records (an amazing Thy Socialite! by SLUG released last Friday was the first release on it).

David will also perform three shows in support of the record. All the dates will feature a full ten-piece band with most of the players from the record — David himself, Peter (drums), Sarah Hayes (flute/piano), Faye MacCalman (sax/clarinet), John Pope (double bass), Field Music’s regular string quartet plus Eve Cole singing. Dates as follows:

May 5 – Howard Assembly Room, Leeds
May 6 – Customs House, South Shields
June 2 – Kings Place, London

Listen to the song below and pre-order the LP.