[video] bdrmm – It’s Just A Bit Of Blood

Set for release on June 30 via Mogwai’s Rock Action Records, bdrmm have announced their new album I Don’t Know. The first single out of it is a live favourite “It’s Just A Bit Of Blood”.

The quiet intros in the band’s music are very deceptive, and the new song captures this perfectly. It is a burst of buzzing guitar energy, a reflection of the love for the blurred sound, where post-rock and shoegaze come together into one organic whole. The lyrics fit perfectly into the arrangements, but perhaps the strongest moments in bdrmm’s music are hidden where the instruments no longer hold back the voice — as in the last minute of the new single.

The track is out with the glitchy and effective video, directed, filmed and edited by Chris Tomsett (Innerstrings).

Watch below and pre-order the LP here.