[song] Gilla Band – Sports Day

Last year Gilla Band released their fascinating third record Most Normal. Along with that, there were a couple of rare 7″ singles, some of which had cool B-sides. One of those, “Sports Day”, is out now on streaming services as well (paired with a video directed by Michael Speed), and it is another great noisy experiment from the group.

Gilla Band live in Milan’22

Describing it, vocalist Dara says: “Sports Day is about announcing embarrassing facts (thankfully via a distortion mic). Weird lies you’ve told as a child, poor skills you once thought you were great at and repetitive lines that you still bring up to the same people. The subject matter contains: me being 12 and coming to terms with being crap at football and would never be a professional. At a similar age; having this peculiar routine in which I used to say goodnight to my sports day medals (including kissing my participation ones) before going to bed. Essentially being strangely proud of my achievements of simply showing up. Linking that out-of-depth feeling to the modern day in the shape of not knowing how to turn on the PA (or anything music equipment related for that matter). Also secretly admiring soap operas while constantly talking about The Beatles to anyone who would listen”.

The group also announced 4 new shows for May and June in the UK, Belgium, and France. Tickets are on sale now, find all the upcoming dates on their website.

Stream “Sports Day” below and get it here.