[video] Spielmann – The Right Track

Start your day with “The Right Track”. This is exactly what is offered to us by Spielmann, the new project of Leeds songwriter Ben Lewis (Menace Beach, Ruthie, Bruising), whose musical potential has spread far beyond his previous endeavors.

The song (which is his second single after “Coming Back”) is a journey into the world of airy synths, light drum machine beats and anthemic choruses that we all love so much. It is also released with a simple but creative and nice music video. Describing it, Spielmann explains:

As we all know to be a successful musician in this day and age you also have to be a professional content creator… so I created some content. An exercise in how to shoot a music video in one take for exactly zero pounds. Thematically dealing with the big issues such as ‘Where should one’s stool be in relation to one’s microphone?’ and, ‘Don’t you wish you had a 30 year old Volvo 440?

Watch below.