[video] audiobooks – Burnt Pictures

Erasing memories can be tricky, especially if you are audiobooks. Every taken step is documented, every little thing is burnt into the memories, and the brightest of them haunt your mind right before falling asleep. But if nothing can be done about those obsessive thoughts, perhaps the best solution is to find help among other suffering like-minded people.

The London-based duo of David Wrench and Evangeline Ling follow this pattern on their new single. “Burnt Pictures”, which serves as a second taste of their upcoming Gulliver EP (after 2022’s “Tryna Tryna Take Control”), flows on a ringing synth rumble and the contrast of two voices — vocalist Ling’s and guest Manchester MC OneDa’s, who opened for audiobooks’ several shows in the past. Her freestyle approach brings the group’s music to life even more, balancing between annoyed frustration and encouraging indifference.

The song is paired with the music video, which was filmed on the slate grey Ogwen Beach on a cold Welsh winter weekend and directed by Wrench’s eldest son Louis & also features his youngest child Auberon.

Watch below and pre-order the EP here.