[ep] Phishpie – Patina

Phishpie is a one-man band from Kyiv that creates a unique instrumental blend of jazz, indie and light psychedelic pop. His debut mini-album, Patina, released on Friday, showcases the musician’s talent as an adventurous and experimental songwriter who is not setting any limits to himself in terms of genre restrictions.

It is a light and free-flowing collection of melancholic pieces, inspired by everything starting from crime programs on TV, Brazilian music of the 60s, seasonal depressions and memories of the pre-pandemic past. Although quite short, the mini-album leaves a strong impression and shows very well the ability of Phishpie to blend different genres to create a sound that is uniquely his own. A great listen for any fan of lo-fi indie and jazz.

Stream below and purchase the EP on Bandcamp, out now via Liky Pid Nohamy.