[song] Pynch – Tin Foil

Photo by Ben McConnachie

In January Pynch announced their debut album Howling at a Concrete Moon via Chillburn Recordings. So far we have heard several tracks from it, and now, ahead of the record arriving next week already, the band have shared one last preview of it, a sunny and catchy “Tin Foil”.

Speaking about it, band leader Spencer Enock shares: “When we play live I always jokingly introduce ‘Tin Foil’ as being about conspiracy theories but really, I think it’s about how complex and overwhelming the modern world can be.

It feels like we’ve been in one form of crisis or another for my entire adult life and this song is about our over-exposure to that level of stimulation and the need to escape it all and ‘get lost forever.

It’s definitely one of our most upbeat and irreverent songs so it feels right to be releasing it at the beginning of spring and just before the album comes out”.

Listen below and pre-order the record here.