[album] Deerhoof – Miracle​-​Level

Deerhoof‘s discography of almost two dozen releases may seem rather intimidating, but Miracle​-​Level is a great album to jump into the work of such a prolific band even for brand-new listeners. Despite the fact that Deerhoof sing in Japanese for the first time, with this release it is easy to understand how the band won their fan base.

The guitars intertwine, the drums shuffle, everything makes noise and buzzes, but most importantly — the record constantly evolves (even if there is one small change of rhythm behind the evolution). At the same time, Deerhoof don’t lose their identity and with each new album, they remind you of how else you can revive the familiar noise pop. With Miracle​-​Level, Deerhoof prove that they are still one of the most innovative bands in music today.

Stream below and buy the LP here.