[song] bdrmm – Be Careful

Photo by Katherine Mackenzie

Creating a nostalgic atmosphere of the foggy past is something that bdrmm have always been bloody good at. But if previously the veil of thick shoegaze covered all other sounds, then the new single “Be Careful” shows what it means to make this genre intimate and minimalistic.

The new single generally leads the band into uncharted territory in many ways: guitar and bass are intertwined into an organic whole and Ryan Smith’s always muted vocals sound surprisingly clean. Even rhythms with their trip hop-ish beat evoke associations with Portishead — a band that to a somewhat extent became a source of inspiration for this song.

When the line “Be Careful of Yourself” plays out at the end of the track, the whole hauntological power of the band comes out. But once the phrase ends with the words “Prepare for something else, it’s coming” you understand — bdrmm visited the future before us.

Listen below and pre-order their upcoming LP I Don’t Know here.