[song] Big Bliss – A Seat at the Table

Photo by Kevin Condon

Songs by Brooklyn-based outfit Big Bliss blossom gradually — first we hear the rhythm section, a floating synthesizer plays in the background, and then Tim Race’s vocals lead all this action behind him.

Inspiring, and at the same time melancholic, the band’s new single “A Seat at the Table”, a fresh taster after five long years since At Middle Distance LP, is similar to the main sign of spring, a flower. But like any living organism, under the yoke of external conditions such as social tension, personal experiences and collective traumas — it is destined to fade.

The good news is that Big Bliss doesn’t have to wait for the change of seasons for new creative endeavours, just wait for the date when their next release comes out. The band’s forthcoming LP, Vital Return, is out on August 18 via Good Eye Records.

Stream below and pre-order the record here.