[song] Enola Gay – PTS.DUP

Following an incident with a member being brutalised in a sectarian attack that left him with a fractured skull, Belfast-based band Enola Gay sublimated their energy into the new single “PTS.DUP”.

The single was produced by Johnny Hostile (Savages/Jehnny Beth) and recorded with Rian Tench and Scan (Phillip Glass/Panikatax). In just two minutes, vocalist Fionn Reilly creates an eerie atmosphere with his agile delivery and humming guitars in the background turning the track into a distorted horror soundtrack.

Enola Gay’s lyrics could very well be the basis for a future manifesto, so we can’t wait to check out what their upcoming EP Casement has got in store for us (it will be out this summer through Modern Sky UK).

Stream below and get the track here.