[video] Pickle Darling – Head Terrarium

New Zealand artist & producer Pickle Darling (Lukas Mayo) has announced that their new album Laundromat will be out June 16 on Father/Daughter Records.

To celebrate the news, they are also sharing a stellar new single “Head Terrarium”, which is paired with the music video, directed, shot and edited by Martin Sagadin. Speaking about it, Mayo says:

“Martin and I often start with a really vague brief. I’m generally more interested in videos having a unique language than a literal narrative. We talked a lot about movies where the world kind of ‘breaks’ for a moment, like Persona or Donkey Skin or Synecdoche New York, where you kind of see ‘beyond’ the movie every now and then and it’s like “what is going on there?” Cause I think my songs do that sometimes, like a kind of ‘zooming out’. That was kind of the only brief I gave, and I also said ‘just make something incredibly weird’ and they did”.

Watch below and pre-order the LP here.