[album] FACS – Still Life In Decay

Still Life In Decay, the newest album by Chicago trio FACS, is a stunning masterpiece. Experimental at its core, it is a perfect mix of post-punk, experimental rock, and ambient sounds that create a unique and captivating sonic landscape.

Since the release of Void Moments (2020), the group has been moving (and experimenting) in the same direction; moreover, the musicians dubbed their new LP as a continuation of the previous release Present Tense (2021). It has a lot of progressive guitar lines, echoey vocals and a general atmosphere of controlled chaos, like someone is keeping a barrage of dark energy in check.

The most striking thing here is, of course, the absence of gravity in music, and also perpetual motion. From the opening track “Constellation” to the closing song “New Flag”, FACS takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions, moods, and textures. The songs are intricately crafted with layers of guitars, drums, and synths that build up and break down in unexpected ways. It is a bold and ambitious album that showcases FACS’s unique sound and vision.

Stream below and purchase the LP here, out now on Trouble In Mind Records.