[album] Pynch – Howling At A Concrete Moon

The debut record by Pynch just hits that sweet spot. It is a perfect record that should appeal to both people in their 30s (or older) who are nostalgic for those cool bands of the early 00s and also to young listeners, who might as well find their new favourite music group in them. Howling At A Concrete Moon is steeped in noughties electronica and indie rock, with each song having a special lo-fi touch and endless charm, underlined by clever and fun lyrics.

What is also important is that this LP is very modern. Instead of drawing inspiration from the past, Pynch set their own benchmarks. Spencer Enock touches on many crucial current themes in the songs to which listeners could definitely relate, and this makes the whole album even better.

There are simply no fillers here, be that re-recorded version of an early classic “Disco Lights”, a previously unheard fantastic two-part stomper “The City” (a real ode to the metropolitan malaise — a feeling familiar, probably, to any inhabitant of a big city), or what an already is a cult single “Somebody Else”. All these songs are just amazing. What we can do now is listen to the album on repeat from start to finish and do everything possible to see Pynch live.

Listen below and buy the record here.