[album] Life In Vacuum – Lost

Toronto-by-way-of-Ukraine trio Life In Vacuum’s latest album Lost is a powerful and dynamic display of the band’s impressive punk rock sound. Filled with intense guitar riffs, driving basslines, and explosive drumming, it creates a raw and energetic atmosphere that might appeal to fans of rock music from any spectrum.

There is plenty to enjoy for lovers of indie rock/post-punk-ish sound, but also the LP would definitely satisfy the listeners who are into heavier punk rock/post-hardcore or who like to sing their hearts out to more emotional and noisy brand of guitar music. The vocals are powerful and passionate, delivering acute lyrics that are introspective and thought-provoking (it is hard to get more painfully anthemic than on the chorus of “Breathing In”; also just imagine how cool it might sound live). Lost is simply a universal, big and cathartic record with a strong personal touch.

The album cover is also quite cool and deserves additional mention. It was originally hand stitched in Ukraine years ago by the Grandmother of brothers Sasha and Ross Chornyy from the band. They recovered the art and later it was digitally restored and redesigned by Artie Wasko.

Listen below and buy the LP here, out now via Born Losers Records.