[song] Squid – Undergrowth

Squid present new single “Undergrowth”, a haunting second taster from the band’s upcoming new album O Monolith, set for release on June 9 through Warp Records. On it, the group’s signature experimental musical endeavours are gaining momentum again.

This time around, the London-based band uses a funky groove, heavy bass and a ringing array of random noises (which aren’t actually random at all) in their arsenal. In six minutes, “Undergrowth” grows into the unwieldy musical epic that Squid became famous for on their debut release, Bright Green Field. Their colourful art rock is even more enriched with sounds now, and the atmosphere helps the listener to better understand what awaits us on the highly-anticipated second record.

The track is out with the game of the same name (made by Frank Force), and it’s definitely a fun interactive way to immerse yourself in the Squid universe. Play it here.

Squid live at Pohoda Festival’22

Speaking about the song’s lyrics, drummer and vocalist Ollie Judge says: “I really got into animism, the idea that spirits can live in inanimate objects. I was watching Twin Peaks, and there was the episode where Josie Packard’s spirit goes into a chest of drawers. So ‘Undergrowth’ was written from the perspective of me being reincarnated as a bedside table in the afterlife, and how the thought of being reincarnated as an inanimate object would be dreadful. ‘This isn’t what I wanted/ So many options to be disappointed.’ Even though I’m in no way religious I don’t think anyone who isn’t religious is confident enough to not have had the fleeting thought of ‘Fuck, what if there is an afterlife? What if I’m going to Hell?”.

Squid would also be touring a lot this year, having already lined up a big set of dates for the next months, including both single gigs and festival appearances. The only show in Italy would be in Milan @ Santeria Toscana 31 on September 19. Get the tickets for that here and find the full list of dates on the band’s website.

Check out “Undergrowth” below and pre-order the record here.