[album] Jonathan Bree – Pre-Code Hollywood

Jonathan Bree performing live at BIKO, Milan’22

As always incredibly consistent, Jonathan Bree returns with another terrific album Pre-Code Hollywood, brimming with great melodies that put the listener in a deep melancholy trance. This time, he is fully immersed in the 80s vibes, and with the help of Nile Rodgers and usual collaborator Princess Chelsea goes full-on dark disco.

A well-known perfectionist (both live and on record), he thought of every little detail and did probably his most sleek and skilfully crafted collection of songs. Not being your regular pop record, it rewards repeated listens, revealing new layers of complexity and surprises with each spin. Jonathan is also a true master of balance and rarely it is possible to stumble upon a piece of art that is so soothing, emotional and yet so eerie and unsettling at the same time. A beautiful record and an artist to cherish.

Jonathan Bree is also currently in the middle of his big tour, with the dates scheduled in many European cities. There is one date in Italy, on April 24 in Ravenna @ Bronson (get the tickets on DICE).

Listen to Pre-Code Hollywood below and purchase it here.