[album] E. Björklund – Låtar från en svunnen tid

Sometimes you do not need to understand a word in a foreign language to appreciate a great record. This is exactly the case with Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Björklund‘s debut album Låtar från en svunnen tid (Songs from the past), released earlier this month through Rama Lama Records.

The musician describes it as a personal album that documents the process of figuring out who he is as a 25-30-year old and new in the Stockholm underground scene. He treats the LP as a sort of time capsule about his own personal journey and relationships with music.

Starting with a catchy lead single “På min cykel” (On my bike) it is hard to go wrong. It greatly sets the mood for the record, that in just 25 minutes confidently shapes up to be a strong niche release with enough hooks, reverb and charm to satisfy your daily intake of indie rock.

Stream below and purchase the LP here.