[song] Do Nothing – Amoeba

Do Nothing are back with a brand new single titled “Amoeba”. It is released with the announcement of their long-awaited debut LP Snake Sideways, which is set for release on June 30.

Speaking of the new track lead vocalist Chris Bailey says: “As far as I remember ‘Amoeba’ is about my girlfriend leaving the house to go to work and be useful, and me laying on the sofa feeling dumb and watching annoying news on TV. It muses about how the media decides what we all care about on a two week rotation – sometimes it feels like we all get angry about something for a few weeks until the TV/internet decides it’s time for us to think about something else. It’s also about the fact that making music can often feel pretty unimportant; some folks are firefighters while I spend all my time massaging my own ego”.

A slightly neurotic and very well-executed number is out with the horror film-inspired music video (directed by Clump Collective) and follows the previously released song “Happy Feet” (which would also be included in the record). If all the above entertainment is not enough for you, Do Nothing went further and did their own album-themed version of the Snake game, designed by Yuck Studios. The top 3 spots on the leaderboard will win some cool prizes. Well, that’s how you promote a record.

The group has also announced a huge set of tour dates for September, October and November. There would be three shows in Italy:

Listen below and pre-order the LP here.