[album] AUTOBAHN – Ecstasy of Ruin

It’s been a while since Leeds post-punks AUTOBAHN released an album, but we are more than happy that they are finally back. Ecstasy of Ruin is out now via Tough Love.

Building on the dark and brooding sound of their previous LP The Moral Crossing, a new record adds upgraded layers of complexity and experimentation, incorporating elements of EBM and industrial touches to their music. This is partly due to the fact that the group is a four-piece now, without their previous drummer, hence here we are faced with depersonalized drum machines and sample-based percussion, at the output receiving a colder, more focused and brutal version of AUTOBAHN.

Still, despite the machinery involved, there’s lots of humanity on this record. The lyrical content is extremely acute and totally aware of the current societal landscape we live in and lead singer Craig Johnson’s haunting vocals are as powerful as ever. Add to that some post-punk shredding guitar work with its hypnotic noises, and we get a fantastic, cathartic release, probably the group’s best one so far. They sound refreshed, retooled, and ready to give it their all.

Check it out below and purchase the record here.