[song] Bishopskin – Hey Little Sister

Photo by Spela Cedilnik

In a musical landscape where there are no borders in terms of genres or any formalities, it is only natural that such collectives as Bishopskin appear on the scene. Formed as a lockdown project by vocalist/artist Tiger Nicholson and guitarist James Donovan (formerly of HMLTD), it is now a nine-piece supergroup of sorts that plays, as described, a blend of English folk, blues, punk, 19th-century romanticism and Medieval hymn.

They have just put out a new single “Hey Little Sister”, which is equally innovative and adventurous. It floats neatly and all the elements are organically combined here. It is not all about avant-garde as well, the track has that pop element and driving hook that makes the listener come back to it after listening. A successful experiment from the unique band — hopefully we will get more soon.

Check it out below and find the song on all streaming platforms here.