[album] The Bonk – Greater Than Or Equal To The Bonk

Clocking in at 33 minutes, Greater Than Or Equal To The Bonk by The Bonk is a full-on immersive avant-garde experience that blurs the lines between jazz, rock, art pop and experimental music.

The project is led by Irish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Philip Christie, who pushes known musical boundaries and creates his small world on the second LP. A well-known collaborator and participant in the Irish music world, he predominantly focuses on vocals and keyboards, as well as theremin, guitar and percussion. For this record, he has teamed up with a new slew of fellow musicians on the release (alongside regular The Bonk members) who together made one of the most exciting and enigmatic albums we heard recently.

The tracks are created using the improvisation method, with the musicians responding to each other under Christie’s guidance. The sound is atmospheric and also cryptic so as it often happens with experimental music, the listener is always open to creating his own meaning for abstract musical figures.

Listen below and purchase the record here.