[album] Mandy, Indiana – i’ve seen a way

Inventive and experimental, i’ve seen a way by Mandy, Indiana is absolutely a must-listen album for fans of loud industrial/noise music with a tinge of darkwave flair. It is a bold and confrontational statement that showcases the band’s unique approach to music creation with tracks featuring jagged rhythms and unconventional structures that defy traditional conventions.

There are no similar songs here and each of them is a unique creation in its own way, starting from the gorgeous synthy instrumental “Love Theme (4K VHS)” and right till the closing of the LP, with the commanding “Sensitivity Training” that hypnotizes with its militaristic drums and overall wall of sound, adding to a deeply cathartic listening experience.

Fearless, at times abrasive and challenging, the album leaves the listener feeling emotionally drained but satisfied. A masterpiece that is ultimately rewarding for those willing to dive in.

Listen below and buy the record here.