[video] Treeboy & Arc – Behind The Curtain

Things are bleak in general all factors considered and who knows if they will ever get better. It feels like Leeds’ Treeboy & Arc understand this sentiment very well and drop on us their darkest-sounding track to date, a brooding and nervy “Behind The Curtain” (it follows the earlier released “Retirement” and “False Objects” from the upcoming LP Natural Habitat).

For the gloomy song about the inevitability of death that we all will face at some point, it also carries some odd sense of calmness and the feeling of acceptance. This fact does not make it any less sinister though, with the group spicing up their post-punk sensibilities to the maximum extent.

Watch below and pre-order the record here.

[song] Body Horror – Bedwetter

“Bedwetter”, a brand-new single from Body Horror strikes hard and right away. An industrial punk number, out now through Permanent Creeps Records, it is filled with manic vocal delivery, punchy drum machines and sequenced synths.

Combined with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a cathartic outro the song leaves a strong impression and a desire to hear more immediately. Hope that the group will not wait too long before sharing the next one!

Stream below.

[song] Green Gardens – This Is My Fault

Having teased us already with the single “Things I Didn’t Do” back in April, Green Gardens unleash another stunning cut, a melodic “This Is My Fault”. It is taken from their upcoming debut album This Is Not Your Fault, set for release via Come Play With Me Records / EMI North on August 18.

Beautifully arranged, the song shines with ethereal vocal harmonies floating over the music, creating a sense of otherworldliness, with Jacob Cracknell (vocals, bass) taking the lead lyrically in a whirlwind state of inspiration after hearing a Ralph Ineson monologue in which he’s crying & pleading with God to lift an imagined curse from him. Delivered in the smoothest way possible the track perfectly captures the sense of vulnerability and uncertainty.

Talking about the song, Jacob says: “This is my Fault is a lilting, gentle, and perhaps unfounded reminder that we all are to blame for our failures, and that those failures affect all those around you. It is stuck between our self-destructive natures and our tenderness. Soft, moving parts create a sweet tension that carries you through the song and into the record as a whole. The chorus lands at ‘Lay my children’s ugliness at my feet’, as a plea to hoard the blame for the failures of the people you love”.

Listen below and pre-order the LP here.

[video] Humour – The Halfwit

Photo by Craig R McIntosh

Hot off the heels of their debut EP pure misery released last November, Glasgow’s avant-rock masterminds Humour deliver one more time with “The Halfwit”, their brand new song out today via tastemaker label So Young Records.

Clocking in at just nearly 3 minutes, it is a fast-paced and frenzied track that draws from a variety of genres, including punk, garage rock, and post-punk. It is paired with the cool and slightly claustrophobic music video made by Robin Herbert, which sees the band performing live inside the cave.

Watch below.

[video] Skydaddy – That Morning

Earlier this month London-based musician Rachid Fakhre aka Skydaddy released his debut single “That Morning” and now he is sharing the beautiful accompanying music video, shot between South London and his parent’s native Lebanon.

Directed by Billy Gadd, it is an emotional and cinematic piece that works perfectly with the euphoric and ambitious song, which sees him integrating cello, violin, flute, piano and complex vocal harmonies.

Speaking on the video, he says: “The video mostly takes place in a delusion of grandeur in which I am a cult leader. At one point I lose it and run to the ocean and swim to Lebanon where I come out of the sea and begin a journey of self-discovery”.

Watch below.