[ep] Gentle Ropes – Wounds

Wounds, a new EP of Kyiv outfit Gentle Ropes is a haunting and atmospheric exploration of darkwave, post-punk, and electronic music.

It consists of five tracks that are intense and introspective, reflecting on themes of pain, loss, and the struggle to find one’s place in the world (last year musician was forced to leave his home due to a full-scale Russian military invasion in Ukraine).

The centrepiece of the release is “Krov”, a relentless and driving piece of industrial dance music sung in the Ukrainian language. With its moody synths, pulsing beats, and haunting vocals, this mini-album is a real treat for fans of everything dark.

Listen below and purchase the EP here.

[ep] Joanie – Neurotica

Rising star Joanie has shared her debut EP Neurotica — a set of four dance anthems, led by the singer’s sweet voice. Produced by Jessica Winter, it is out today on Permanent Creeps Records.

Joanie is obviously in a hurry to some kind of party and we are all invited. The main action begins with a dark pop track “Kerosene”, the chorus of which instantly etches into the memory. The artist is ready to burn through the night away, even if she has to set herself on fire. “I can feel my heart burnin’ / Fill me up with kerosene”, she sings to a dainty saxophone.

As it happens in good stories after a burnt-out night follows “Casino”, where Joanie experiments with backing vocals and rhythm changes. The last track in her collection is the relaxed electropop hit “Your Kind Of Freak” — a showcase of the artist’s theatrical abilities and genre fluidity. Did the dance party end too soon? Press the repeat button.

Listen below and get the EP here.

[album] ERRORR – Self Destruct

Self Destruct is a debut full-length release from Berlin-based outfit ERRORR, which was founded by Leonard Kaage, Swedish multi-instrumentalist also known as the producer and guitar player of The Underground Youth.

Despite forming only a couple of years ago, the group is already well-known for their lo-fi and psychedelic noise pop sound that draws inspiration from garage rock, shoegaze, and post-punk. Just recently the album has been highlighted on Shindig Magazine by Anton Newcombe as one of his Top 10 tips for 2023, who after seeing their last show invited them to support The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The collection is an excellent example of ERRORR’s ability to blend different genres seamlessly, with elements of punk, pop, and psychedelic rock all present in the songs. Brilliantly produced, it creates a mood and builds real tension through the music with the raw, unpolished feel that gives the tracks a sense of urgency and immediacy.

Listen below and buy the record here.

[ep] Phishpie – Patina

Phishpie is a one-man band from Kyiv that creates a unique instrumental blend of jazz, indie and light psychedelic pop. His debut mini-album, Patina, released on Friday, showcases the musician’s talent as an adventurous and experimental songwriter who is not setting any limits to himself in terms of genre restrictions.

It is a light and free-flowing collection of melancholic pieces, inspired by everything starting from crime programs on TV, Brazilian music of the 60s, seasonal depressions and memories of the pre-pandemic past. Although quite short, the mini-album leaves a strong impression and shows very well the ability of Phishpie to blend different genres to create a sound that is uniquely his own. A great listen for any fan of lo-fi indie and jazz.

Stream below and purchase the EP on Bandcamp, out now via Liky Pid Nohamy.

[ep] Dry Cleaning – Swampy

Dry Cleaning live in Milan’22

Some extra material from great bands is always good news. Yesterday Dry Cleaning have released a new EP titled Swampy, which features one previously unreleased demo for “Peanuts”, two previously unheard originals “Swampy” & “Sombre Two”, and two reworks, one of “Gary Ashby” remixed by Nourished by Time, and the other of “Hot Penny Day”, remixed by Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul.

It follows the band’s latest 2022 LP Stumpwork. Dry Cleaning are also touring nonstop since November and have even more concerts lined up for March, including many shows in Europe. Find all the dates and ticket information on their website.

Listen below and purchase the EP here.