[album] We Are Scientists – Lobes

An eighth album from We Are Scientists is full of surprises. Partly it was recorded around the same time as they did their previous LP Huffy, but a change of direction is very obvious here. There were cool experiments earlier, like “Bought Myself A Grave”, but on Lobes they go full-on dark pop/disco/dance rock, with such new anthems as “Human Resources” (easily the best song here), “Less From You”, “Operator Error” and many more.

This does not mean that if you liked the past work then Lobes won’t work for you. On the contrary, the new songs will for sure satisfy existing fans as they feature those good old gigantic hooks and the group’s signature charm, but they might also help the band to expand its audience with fresh ideas. An amazing achievement and result for indie veterans who have been performing on stage for almost 25 years now.

Stream below and buy the record here.

[video] We Are Scientists – Lucky Just To Be Here

It’s hard to find a more consistent and hard-working indie band than We Are Scientists. For almost 24 (!) years on the scene, Keith Murray and Chris Cain have been producing first-class bangers, firmly and for life entrenched in their niche as one the best representatives of indie rock.

What’s even cooler, is that their previous album, Huffy, was a true return to top form on the level of the earliest releases, with literally no bad songs and even a few exciting experiments (like “Bought Myself A Grave”, which starts like a simple country song and ends as something akin to a Justice electronic stomper).

Speaking of exciting things, the duo’s latest one, “Lucky Just To Be Here”, also came out atypical. The calm and lyrical number captivates with its beauty, and at the end it explodes, reaching a real climax.

The track will be a part of the band’s upcoming LP Lobes, which is scheduled for release on January 20 next year. It was shared along with a visualizer directed by Dan Monick.

Watch below and pre-order the record here.

[video] We Are Scientists – I Cut My Own Hair

Sometimes simplicity is the key to brilliance, and We Are Scientists are proving it once again with their new single “I Cut My Own Hair”.

The song is released together with the hilarious music video, where two members of the band give themselves haircuts in lockdown at their apartments.

It’s a fun idea and the song gets stuck in your head immediately thanks to the crucnhy guitars and extremely catchy chorus.

Watch it below.