[album] Signals Feed The Void – Монумент

Signals Feed The Void is a post-punk band from the south of Ukraine (Kherson/Odesa), and they have just shared a new short EP. It consists of two songs about different emotional states: in the first song the hero is looking for strength to move on in life, and in the second lives one day at a time.

The group recorded tracks before the war in the country, and they are sharing it with the following note (below is an excerpt, the full version is available on Bandcamp):

“Two songs are very strongly correlated with what is happening around right now. Old monuments will fall, and new ones will appear in their place. The systematic distortion of reality has to be stopped, and the arrival of new must be accelerated. Destroy the bridges! And those who slow down the fall of old monuments, let them jump into the abyss of the past themselves and remain there forever”.

Stream below and get the release here.

[album] Various Artists – VA. NOTATOK 1

Liky Pid Nohamy is a brand new record label from Ukraine, which has just released its debut compilation. Titled VA: NOTATOK 1, it is a fundraising album that contains compositions by musicians from Odesa and Kyiv, performed in various genres and styles: from bedroom jazz and herbal ambient to piano diary and Cossack Duma.

The idea behind the experimental release is a psychotopographic delineation of once familiar but still half-forgotten territories that have undergone unexpected transformations. The label’s creator, Viktor Konstantinov (aka Polje) has shared the below statement in the press release:

“The idea of creating a label has been in my head for a long time. It pops up from time to time, for example, when I accumulate material that can be published, or when I once again realize what talented people surround me. But this idea became especially acute after the beginning of the full-scale Russian military invasion, the first month and a half of which I spent in the house in the center of Odesa, in which in 1917-1918 the Ukranian People’s Republic activists Ivan and Yurii Lypa lived. Once I came to visit my friend, Volodymyr Chyhrynets (presented in the compilation under the pseudonym Vichnyj Gandzh) and told him about this historical fact, to which he replied that he had recently come across Yurii Lypa’s book “Ліки під ногами” (Ukranian: “Medicine underfoot”) on the Internet. As you can see, I liked this name very much, and then everything somehow pulled itself together.

The compilation “VA: NOTATOK 1″ includes 8 tracks from musicians from Odesa and Kyiv, the number is small, but the overall sound turned out to be quite coherent, despite the variety of genres. A big thank you to everyone involved in this release and the launch of the label as a whole”.

80% of the proceeds from the sales of this collection will be transferred to the accounts of several volunteer organizations that help the Ukrainian military and civilians affected by the war.

Stream below and buy the album here.

[album] Gemma Cullingford – Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied is a second album from electronic songwriter and producer Gemma Cullingford (also one half of electronic post-punk duo Sink Ya Teeth). It follows last year’s Let Me Speak and sounds absolutely brilliant.

The record combines many electronic styles and is fully loaded with dance rhythms and cold new wave aesthetics, which are masterfully complemented by Gemma’s ethereal vocals.

The sound here is dark and truly timeless, and it would perfectly appeal to the listeners who grew up on A Certain Raio, New Order and Cabaret Voltaire and at the same time also to fans of such contemporary bands as PVA, Workin Men’s Club and Nation of Language.

Check it out below and buy the LP here.

[album] Living Hour – Someday Is Today

On the new LP Someday Is Today Winnipeg band Living Hour maximize their sound on the “dreamy” side of things and go full into shoegaze mode with certain slowcore and ethereal elements. If you listen to it a couple of times back to back it really puts you in a light trance-like state and creates a very pleasant mood for the rest of the day (or even week).

To highlight or select singles from such a record is to do a disservice to it as this is one of those releases that is best listened to in its entirety and without breaks. All the tracks fit, complement each other, and create a strong perception of meaning to the work as a whole. A fantastic soundtrack for upcoming colder months as well.

The album was created by the band with the help of such producers and collaborators as Melina Duterte (also known as Jay Som, who appears on one of the songs), Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Snail Mail), and Samur Khouja (Cate le Bon, Deerhunter).

Listen below and purchase the record here, out now via Kanine / Next Door Records.

[album] Jonathan Personne – Jonathan Personne

A brand new self-titled record from Jonathan Personne is his third one, and on it Montreal musician takes his psychedelic pop sound to the next level.

The songs here transport the listener somewhere else with all the 60s references, masterful production, samples of obscure movies or series and the overall playful rock and roll spirit.

Jonathan has created the album with the help of talented producer Emmanuel Éthier, with whom he previously worked on Junior, Corridor’s (where Jonathan also plays) fantastic recent album. The result is his most impressive solo outing to date and an absolute “must hear” album if you like a brilliant mix of nostalgic spirit done with an inimitable contemporary touch.

Check it out below and buy the LP here, out now through Bonsound.