[album] Pet Shimmers – Anon Playable Cloud

The last album we listened to in 2022 was Anon Playable Cloud by Pet Shimmers, and it turned out to be truly epic. Released literally out of nowhere on December 23, this is a confident and impressive set of 10 lo-fi hits.

This group have always operated in their own unique style, and it is practically impossible to match their music to any particular genre. A kaleidoscopic cocktail of styles, hooks, fun and unique charisma — the perfect release to enter the new year in a great mood with.

Check it out below and purchase the LP on Bandcamp (also available on limited edition marbled purple tape).

[album] The Orielles – Tableau Remixes

Having created one the most inventive and interesting records of 2022 in the form of Tableau, The Orielles gave their fans another treat earlier this month — a brilliant remixes collection of tracks from the album.

It includes Manchester/Berlin duo Space Afrika rework of “Beam/s”, and two more re-editions, one from London-based DJ/producer Shy One on “The Room” and another one from Edinburgh-based producer Eyes of Others on “Darkened Corners”.

Listen below and get the release here.

[album] Rama Lama Records 2022

Swedish tastemaker label Rama Lama Records had another stellar year, having released new albums from such bands and artists as Kindsight, Melby, NOVA BLAST, Guds Pengar, JERKA and Per och Olof, in addition to many cool one-off singles under the umbrella of Rama Lama Family Club and more!

We are big fans and all of the abovementioned names featured on the pages of this blog during the year. Now the label is sharing a new compilation, which features songs by these acts collected in one place — a cool opportunity to get familiar with one of the greatest independent music units around and get excited for more things to come in 2023.

Stream below and get the release here.

[album] We Were Promised Jetpacks – A Complete One​-​Eighty

Cult Scottish indie rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks are following up their stellar 2021 album Enjoy The View with the companion EP A Complete One​-​Eighty.

It is released today through Big Scary Monsters and features re-recorded versions of three tracks from the album plus three remixes done by Manchester Orchestra, Andy Monaghan and Zoe Graham. It sounds excellent and the whole release is great additional listening material for fans of the band.

Check it out below and buy the EP here (also available on vinyl).

[album] Born At Midnite – Alternity

Every song on Alternity, a short new extended play by Born At Midnite is so good and catchy that after just a couple of spins you’ll immediately fall in love with it.

The Montreal-based duo of Amery Sandford (Alpen Glow, BBQT) and David Carriere (DVC Refreshments, TOPS) began writing together in late 2018, and with each release they are leveling up on their very own brand of smart, fun and pleasing to the ear independent pop music.

Stream below and buy the EP here.