[album] The Soft Moon – Exister

It’s true that we’ve been surrounded by a lot of post-punk and darkwave music in recent years, but Luis Vasquez aka The Soft Moon has always stood out from the crowd. His new release Exister is a perfect example of this.

The Soft Moon live in Bologna’18

With each new album the musician developed his own sound and always came up with something new (which is not so easy when working in such a genre). But here he really outdid himself. None of the songs on the LP are similar, Louis masterfully explores all possible shades of post-everything/gothic/industrial music, surprising even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of the genre.

Thematically Exister is also quite gloomy. The artist again heals spiritual wounds, trying to wrap the anxiety in heavy, depressing melodies. On some tracks like “The Pit”, the dismal atmosphere hits its peak (in a good way). The Soft Moon is only getting better and surprising listeners with every new LP, and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us next.

Stream it below and buy the record here, out now via Sacred Bones Records.

[album] Tim Burgess – Typical Music

You have to be really self-confident to release a 22-song album that lasts almost an hour and a half. Fortunately, this is about Tim Burgess, who did just that, delighting his many fans.

A cult musician, The Charlatans frontman, writer and one of the most popular users on Twitter has already made quite a few solo releases in the 2000s. However, none of them has yet been such a monster (in a good sense) as Typical Music.

On his new record, Tim decided not to disregard any new musical idea, carefully working through and completing each track. And because he has a true talent for writing near-perfect pop songs, what we end up with here is a truly gigantic record full of hits.

It doesn’t make much sense to parse Typical Music into singles or individual tracks, it’s a real adventure that you can enjoy by going through it completely – from beginning to end. The perfect treat for all existing fans, and also a great way to get to know the amazing musician for the first time.

Check it out below and get the LP here, out now on Bella Union.

[album] Per och Olof – Rädd häst

R​ä​dd h​ä​st is a new compilation by the artist Per-Olof, which includes all his songs to date. It was finalized by him in Joakim Lindberg’s (Wy, Arre Arre, Hey Elbow etc.) studio in Malmö and is out now digitally and on a very limited CD via Rama Lama Records.

This nearly 30-minute release offers a stellar collection of psychedelic pop jewels, crafted meticulously and skillfully.

Unfortunately, not knowing Swedish it is hard to know what the songs are about, but they feel storytelling-driven and are very well seasoned by the sun-kissed and melodic guitars, folky arrangements and overall adventurous vibe. Great stuff.

Stream below and purchase the compilation here.

[album] Blood Wizard – Imaginary House

The new EP from Blood Wizard is truly fantastic. Cai Burns, an artist behind the moniker, enlarges the scope of his sound, boosting it with avant-garde elements and keeping the essence of his ability to build stories within every song.

The mini-album is equally innovative and accessible, it floats neatly and never gets boring. The artist managed to do the truly impossible thing — components of psychedelic pop, post-punk, folk and indie rock are very organically combined here. And at the same time, all the songs are seasoned and decorated with a layer of art pop elements, one-of-a-kind storytelling and successful experiments.

Add to this all also an original stage image, creative visual elements (check out the music videos for “The Slip” and “Imaginary House”) and we get one of the coolest musical projects of our time.

Check it out below and buy the EP here.

[album] No Age – People Helping People

Not many ongoing bands are as consistent as No Age. They really are the masters of their craft. For more than 15 years, this creative duo of two musicians (Randy Randall & Dean Allen Spunt) goes strong, releases one great album after another, and successfully tours the world. Their lo-fi/noise rock music has always been impressive and has never stood still, but on the new release People Helping People they reach a new level.

No Age live at OFF Festival’18

This album is 33 and a half minutes long and includes 13 songs, many of which sound quite experimental and unexpected from the duo (in the best possible way). Of course, it is impossible to say that this is a big surprise for the listeners and fans of the band. On previous records the duo tried and tested many interesting ideas as well, but for the first time the concentration of songs in a free and such unusual form is so high.

In some places it is a brooding ambient (“Andy Helping Andy”, “Blueberry Barefoot”, “Heavenly”), in some — psychedelic no wave (“You’re Cooked”, “Compact Flashes”), and in a couple of tracks there are the usual elements of melancholic and melodic indie rock with a touch of noise pop (“Tripped Out Before Scott”, “Plastic (You Want It)”). But every song is unmistakenly No Age, and the LP overall is a real blast.

Listen below and purchase the record here, out now via Drag City.